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Vixen Crave Herbal Spiritual Bath - Botanica Irunmole

Vixen Crave Herbal Spiritual Bath

Botanica Irunmole
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Move over "boss chick", there's a new queen in town and she isn't here to play. No, she wants to dominate all in her sight and in any way they come. Love. Business. Power. Whatever she needs, she got it, and now you will too. Vixen Crave is going to get you were you need to be. Spiritual baths can be used alone, but also in conjunction with rootwork, candle/altar prayers, and charging. Let your imagination run wild.

Treat yourself like royalty with a goat's milk blend with bath salts to really take this bath up to another notch. Lactose intolerant? Don't worry. There is no ingestion, or the same issues with cow milk to worry about here. The milk base is powdered to mix in with your bath water. It will not spoil.

Ingredients include Damiana, sandalwood, catnip, and the Botanica Irunmole special herb and oil blend. 

Size of the bath is 16 oz! It comes in a gorgeous smooth glass container with a golden top you can then use for other storage. Life is about using what you got!


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