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How long will it take to receive my product?

As these are handmade product made to order at time of purchase, so it's geared to you, please allow up to 2 weeks of lead time before shipping. Priority shipping is an option, and you will receive your product faster from stock.

What if I have Allergies?

If that is a concern, please contact us first about the products you would like to purchase and what your allergy is so we can direct you on if you can use it or not.

What is Hoodoo?

Hoodoo is an African-based spirituality that began after the Atlantic Slave Trade brought Africans here. They could not practice their spirituality any longer and had to make do in a new world. It grew in great prominence with the Guichi people of the Carolinas as Voudun grew with those coming up through the Caribbean to Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Is this edible?

These items are not available for consumption. Future items will be!

Can I order a custom item?

Yes! We welcome custom items, please contact us for further details and inquires.

Can I send this as a gift?

Sure! You can ship it to whatever address you'd like to. You also have the option of purchasing a digital gift card for them!

What is a Reading?

A reading is a spiritual analysis that spiritual practitioners use as a tool to understand what a person needs rather than want.

I can't find an item I previously purchased

Some items are temporarily unavailable due to new products being introduced or supply. If you would like an item that is no longer available, please contact us 

Is this Witchcraft

In the true sense of witchcraft yes, but not the impression that Hollywood and the Salem Witch Trials have portrayed in the negative connotation.

What is a Botanica

A botánica is a store that sells candles, folk medicine, amulets, or otherwise magical/alternative medicinal items. While the word has basis in Spanish, meaning botany or plant, it is not always the case for the store itself. The world invokes understanding of spiritual works tied to ethnic groups and origins who were impacted by the slave trade centuries ago. Those slaves brought with them their beliefs, medicines, and rituals into new lands through South America, the Caribbean, Central America, and the Americas. Many people know the “Old wives’ tales” or “superstitions” these people influenced, but don’t always understand why they were blanketed as such. The fact is many of these peoples had to hide their workings and beliefs as they were made to follow the traditions and beliefs of their masters. In so doing, the original religion, Voudun, morphed and melded, picked up bits and pieces to finally create Palo, Santeria, IFA, Hoodoo, Lucumi, and many more.

What is Irunmole

Irunmole were the entities sent, in the Yoruba Tradition, by Olorun to do tasks in the physical world. These ranking deities acted as liaisons, of a sort, between Orun (the invisible/spirit realm) and Aiye (the physical realm). They are regarded as the principle Orisha and are the 400+1.

Understanding not only where these beliefs came from and why they looked the way they do today is part of the mission of Botánica Irunmole, as well as elevating people of the world through education, love, and support. We are all destined to achieve the highest path in our lives and getting there may be half the battle, but getting guidance is most definitely the other half.

I practice Wicca(n), or Christianity can I use these products

These products are inclusive and can be used by anyone.