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Adam&Steve and Anna&Eva - Attraction Lotion SPF 15 - Botanica Irunmole

Adam&Steve and Anna&Eva - Attraction Lotion SPF 15

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It's all about letting love be love with this lotion. In full light of love as you feel is need, Botanica Irunmole, a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community (come on, the owner belongs to the community) this lotion is just for the family. We're talking a bout attraction built no matter the gender of the sender or receiver. Get love the way it matters to you! 

Lotions are made to adorn your personal altar and wear with confidence of intention!

SPF 15 6 oz

Ingredients include Rose, Catnip, Damiana, and the Botanica Irunmole special herb and oil blend. 

 Part of the Botanica Irunmole Rebirth Line