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Botanica Irunmole
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Finding yourself is hard. Finding a tribe can be even harder. We're here to tell you the road to elevation doesn't have to be done alone. We work with our clients in combination of readings, talking, and direction to teach them to empower themselves. Want to find your path? We've got you. Need help working with rituals that can't seem to come through the way you want? We can talk about that too. For your appointment you have one of us to yourself to speak about the things going on in your spiritual world, and we will get down to the bottom of it.

You don't have to do this alone.

*NOTE: This is NOT a reading, and will not be handled as such. If there is something we feel we want to read on for clarification, we will. Please respect your consultant. 

*Instruction on Rituals will be on a per ritual basis, and will take time to explain a ritual and work through what you may have done incorrectly. Not to be confused with teaching you our ritual. It's about empowering you, remember?

*Coaching is for those who want to learn divination, altar, and ritual basics from us and our years of experience. Each level will require another purchase of coaching, which will be discussed with every client. Please contact me at info@botanicairunmole.com for that pricing!