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Divine Lotion SPF 15 - Botanica Irunmole

Divine Lotion SPF 15

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This one is special. No, seriously. When creating this scrub, I imagined how a goddess must feel, waiting to be pampered, served, and worshiped. How it must be to take just a moment to breathe deep of exotic scents and sweet nectar. This is what this scrub represents. The feminine divine, the power we all hold sacred within us without even realizing.

This is magic and universal power in a bottle. Yeah, but why a scrub? Because you need to remove the sludge from society telling you goddesses don't exist. You ARE one, and start believing it now.

Made with honey and the Botanica Irunmole herb and oil blend of the same title.

SPF 15 6oz


Part of the Botanica Irunmole Spa Line